The Sebastopol Goose Barn also raises Call Ducks in Butterscotch, Gray and Magpie
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Magpie Call Ducks
Butterscotch Call Ducks
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Saddleback Sebastopol Geese
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  Gray Call Ducks


 Gray Call Ducks
Magpie Call Ducks



My comical little Gray Call Ducks.
     My Gray Call Ducks came directly from Art Lundgren, they went to the Iowa State Fair in August of 2011.   My Gray Call Duck Drake  got Best of Variety and 1st place !  
There was allot of Call Ducks at the Iowa State Fair and this was my first year going, needless to say we did GREAT!!   Of course it helps, with quality show stock !  

Nicely marked gray call duck.  Directly from Art Lundgren's show stock..


  Beautiful little Gray Call Drake.
  Call ducks love some fresh water everyday, no matter what the temperature is outside, they jump right in for a nice little swim.
The oil on their feathers keeps them from getting wet and helps to keep their feathers in top condition.  



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