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    White Sebastopol Geese

My white sebastopol goslings are from only pure white sebastopol geese, they are not crossed with any colored sebastopol's.   The white sebastopol is by far the most popular color, they are simply stunning .     Most of my flock of white sebastopol's came direct from Holdderead's , they are not hatchery birds.   

White Sebatsopol geese from the Sebastopol Goose barn, we bred curly to curly , as you can see here in some of our breeding pens.  



Waiting to be fed  :)

Beautiful, that is what a white sebastopol goose is.

This beautiful sebastopol gander was enetered at the August 2012 State Fair..  He was the Reserve winner of all Sebastopol's !!  

Building a nest   , don't you just love springtime !!


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The Sebastopol Goose Barn, where we selectively breed beautiful white sebastopol geese along with colored sebastopol geese. We also have beautiful Giant Dewlap Toulouse geese.
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